Who we are

Our Strategic Direction

We endeavor to support diverse community needs without compromising quality, results and impact.

Our Strategic Direction

Our strategic direction is based on the following:

  • Making a sustainable contribution towards the provision of health care, education and water for the people of Kenya.
  • Providing sustainable support for the preservation of the Kenyan environment and the management of her natural resources.
  • Driving forward the economic empowerment of the Kenyan nation.
  • The preservation and promotion of Kenya's national heritage in terms of arts and culture.
  • Providing timely responses to any national emergencies that may occur.
  • Providing a forum whereby Safaricom employees may interact with, be inspired by, and provide support for the many community initiatives identified by the Foundation.
  • Influencing innovation and best practice in the broader Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

We strive to be the most admired and respected corporate Foundation in Kenya.

Support to a wide range of community initiatives

The Foundation maintains a broad approach towards responding to community needs as is reflected by our strategic direction. We endeavor to support diverse community needs without compromising quality, results and impact.

Wide reach - 'A footprint in every part of Kenya'

The Foundation aims to spread its 'wings' of support to all regions and locations in Kenya and therefore have a footprint throughout the country.


The Foundation will seek to support projects that have potential to achieve positive, long- term, social, economic and environmental impact without jeopardizing the needs of future generations.

Support to both short and long term projects

We will support a variety of projects that address different short and long-term needs of the communities around us. This will vary from small community projects to large-scale and long-term projects.

Support strategic initiatives of Vodafone Foundation

We will partner with Vodafone Foundation in undertaking specific projects that are priority to the two Foundations.