Who we are

How We Work

The Foundation works with several partners and grantees with the focal point being on 8 focus areas.

Core Principles

The Foundation's work is underpinned by the following core principles:

  • Economically empowering: Striving to ensure that across all its programme areas the investments it makes contributes to economically empowering communities to eradicate poverty;
  • Sustainable: Striving for sustainability in all areas of its work - the Foundation is investing for long term change;
  • Able to leverage mobile technology: Striving to leverage mobile technology to increase the impact of funding;
  • Gender sensitive: Striving to ensure that the investments that the Foundation makes provide equal enjoyment by women, men, girls and boys of rights, opportunities, resources and rewards;
  • Rights based: Striving to ensure that the ultimate aim of the Foundation's philanthropic investments is the realisation of rights of women, men, girls and boys, as articulated in the constitution of the Republic of Kenya and regional and international conventions and declarations.
  • Results focused: Striving to ensure that the Foundation only invests in programmes and activities that achieve measurable results

These principles are applied in all of the Foundation's work and underpin its aspirations to contribute to tackling the critical social, economic and environmental challenges facing Kenya.

Strategic Partnerships

The Foundation's grantees and partners are at the core of its mission and work. The Foundation also knows that it its thematic areas of focus, partnerships offer the Foundation several advantages including increased efficiency, increased effectiveness, stakeholder engagement and ownership. The Foundation is therefore committed to forging high-impact public-private partnerships with new and existing partners that leverage new resources and expertise to expand the reach and impact of its work. In particular, it looks to establishing five types of high impact partnerships:

  • Funding partnerships in which it partners with other Foundations, donors and the private sector to manage their funding for investments in its areas of focus, leveraging its grant making systems and access to implementing partners;
  • Co-funding partnerships in which it will partner with organisations to co-fund particular investments in its areas of focus;
  • Implementation partnerships in which it will partner with organisations who will utilize its investments to achieve particular outcomes in our areas of focus;
  • Advisory partnerships in which it will partner with organisations to leverage their knowledge and technical leadership in a particular thematic area;
  • Policy and advocacy partnerships in which it will partner with organisations to advocate for conducive policy environment that enables the achievement of particular outcomes in our areas of focus.