Kanini Kaseo Water Project

The Challenge

A high percentage of the 6000 people in Kanini Kaseo are dependant on the area's unreliable rainfall and regularly have to travel more than 10 kilometres to fetch water for domestic use.

The Intervention

Dedicated to improving access to safe, clean water, the Foundation partnered with the community and ActionAid International Kenya and funded a KShs 8 million project to bring portable water to the people.

The Impact

Completed in May 2011, the 10.5 kilometre Kanini Kaseo pipeline connects a wet well intake, pump house and 50,000 litre distribution tank at the Thwake River to three water kiosks within the community. The community cleared the entire 10.5 kilometre pipeline path for excavation, acquired the land for the community structures (way leaves) and obtained the necessary licenses and approvals for the project. Reducing the distances community members have to walk to fetch water, the project has had the knock-on effect of freeing up time for them to engage in other activities, such as income generating schemes and attending school. The ready availability of water has also made the planting of trees to replenish forest cover in the area a possibility.