About the project

The Challenge

Like many urban centres in Kenya, Naivasha town faces the challenge of successfully channelling the energy and talents of its unemployed youth into positive pursuits.

The Intervention

By refurbishing the town’s public basketball court for KShs 1 million, the Foundation has funded a simple, but incredibly effective solution that has already had a dramatic impact. In partnership with the Naivasha YMCA, the refurbished court has already hosted two successful tournaments, has two local secondary schools training on it three times a week and entertains 50 regular players from the YMCA and community each week.

The Impact

The new court has given them an outlet, a place to develop their skills, exercise and, importantly, to socialise. This area was greatly affected by the post-election violence of 2007, but young people from all around here have used the tournaments as forums to discuss their issues, to make friends and to talk about fostering peace.




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Economic Empowerment

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