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The Challenge

In the World today, 74.5 million youth globally are unemployed, the majority of whom live in developing countries UN, 2013. According to the UN, one in five youths, or 125 million, are working but live on less than a dollar a day. A recent survey of the region&rsquos employment market found that one in every five Kenyan youths of working age has no job. According to a new World Bank report, Kenya, East Africa&rsquos biggest economy has the largest number of unemployed youths in the region.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation has engaged in a number of projects aimed at equipping young people with vocational training and business skills. The Safaricom Foundation funded trainings, renovations, construction of learning facilities and computer laboratories in 6 institutions worth approximately Kshs 10M aimed at addressing youth unemployment by developing and delivering programs to sustain and stimulate an entrepreneurship culture across the country in the last 3 years. The foundation has also funded a number of renovations and construction of friendlier facilities in schools, rehabilitation centers and homes that host children with disabilities. At approximately Kshs 6M in the last 3 years, the funds improved quality of life of over 7,000 young people’s by providing a productive and supportive environment.

The Impact

The students who go through the training can confidently start their own businesses and live an independent life in future.  Besides promoting the spirit of volunteerism and a developed a sense of leadership, the opportunity equipped them with ICT skills and set them at per with the competitive world in future. There has been a significant difference in the lives of children with physical disabilities as the renovation of facilities and life skills training will prepare them for the future.




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Economic Empowerment

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