About the project

The Challenge

According to BCC Research, over 300 million computers and 1 billion mobile phones are manufactured each year, and most of these devices become out-of-date or unwanted within three years. This has created the problem of how to dispose of discarded or obsolete equipment. With every replacement of our devices with newer versions has created a global mountain of electronic or e-waste that is growing three times quicker than all other types of domestic waste. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre WEEE was launched in 2008, and it processes up to 10 tonnes of e-waste a month through its recycling facility in Nairobi. Once the waste has been collected and weighed, it is safely dismantled and stored by trained experts using international best practice processes. Electronic waste is a serious concern because it poses a considerable threat to the environment and human health and there is need for proper e-waste management and recycling. E-waste management will not only help protect the wellbeing of Kenyans and safeguard the environment, but facilitate job creation as well.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation provided WEEE Centre with an interest-free loan of KSh 6 140 000 to enable it to upscale and increase its processing capacity to 25 tonnes per month. The loan was used to purchase a haulage truck, storage containers, weighing machines and other workshop and run a promotional campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of disposing of e-waste appropriately.

The Impact

“Thanks to the additional funding from the Foundation, we have been able to improve and upscale our processes i.e. collecting, processing and storing a lot more waste,” confirms WEEE Centre director, Mercy Nderitu. “We have also been able to reach a much wider audience and sensitise people to the potential hazards posed by improper management and disposal of e-waste.”




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Economic Empowerment

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