About the project

The Challenge

Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), is a Nairobi based charity involved in poverty eradication and provision of health services in the city slums. It sought to build overhead pipes to provide clean water services to Kibera residents.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation partnered with SHOFCO to strengthen the health, education and economic development of Kibera residents by improving their access to affordable, clean water services and raising awareness of sanitation and hygiene practices.

The Impact

Through a Ksh12.5 million grant from the Safaricom Foundation SHOFCO set up an aerial piping system, together with ten additional water kiosks throughout Kibera. The organization initially provided clean water to 11,000 Kibera residents. With the extra stalls, over 27,000 people can now access clean water at only ksh2, down from the initial ksh5. The negligible fee charged is used for keeping the pipes and kiosks in good condition. Scaling up their operations with the new piping system has enabled SHOFCO to improve the education of young girls in the slum, and reduce cases of water-related illnesses.





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Economic Empowerment

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