About the project

The Challenge

Delayed school placement for identified children due to varied reasons. Access to the centers is difficult as most of the centers are not close to the families. Further, pupils have a long recovery process post-surgery, and that makes it take longer to place them in schools. Transport to the hospital is not affordable by most of the patients as most of the community target group are from poor families. To add on that, some members of the communities still believe disability is as a result of curse. There was also need for very specialised physiotherapy with some of the patients.

The Intervention

The assessment officers at the Education Assessment Resource centers were invited to the clinics during the screenings to allow for placements which was a shorter process than visiting EARC. Health workers were on ground to help the patients with transportation cost to the hospital. Awareness creation for people to view disability as a normal thing and embrace those with disability. Community Health workers were also trained to provide physiotherapy.

The Impact

34 clinics as well as 38 home visits conducted in Litein, Kisumu, Kitale, Eldoret, Mombasa and Meru directly impacted over 3,000 people. 1,400 pupils from 7 different schools were counselled, sensitised and educated on disabilities and the rights of children with disabilities. 50 families and community members were educated on rights of children with disabilities.




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Economic Empowerment

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