About the project

The Challenge

Mukarara primary school located in Waithaka Dagoretti District was founded in 1960 and has a population of 950 pupils. It was originally roofed by asbestos which after many years of use started leaking, making the classrooms inhabitable when it rained as well as exposed the students to health hazards. This unconducive learning environment greatly affected the schools performance and kept the enrolment numbers lower than expected.

The Intervention

The state of a school itself can often determine whether pupils are going to perform well and whether they will remain in school. Mukarara Primary School had the potential but learning disruption during the rainy season and exposure to asbestos posed a challenge to the school. Safaricom Foundation supported the school with Ksh.1.5 million to re-roof the classrooms and replace the asbestos roofing with galvanized iron sheets.

The Impact

The students and staff at Mukarara Primary School are no longer worried about their healthy as they now live in a conducive environment and are able to study without any disruptions throughout the year. The school’s performance will improve and the school expects enrolment numbers to raise.




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Economic Empowerment

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