About the project

The Challenge

The six staff at the Vihiga Educational Assessment Resource Centre (EARC) asked the Foundation to help them improve their capacity to support and improve the lives of children living with special needs throughout the district, particularly the mentally-challenged, visually-impaired and those suffering from epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

The Intervention

In partnership with the Centre, the Foundation embarked on the renovation of the EARC hall and the setting up of a model workshop for training and assessments. Renovating the hall was an important first step in the KShs 2.8 million project, as this facility can also be hired out to other organisations to raise funds to subsidise ongoing EARC activities. One end of the hall has also been equipped with instructional materials and a model workshop that is used to train teachers and parents. Another important development has been the reinstating of the Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy Clinic, which has enabled EARC staff to identify and treat children with these conditions. The parents of children with cerebral palsy have also been trained and equipped with the skills they need to take care of them. As part of this project, the Foundation also purchased epilepsy drugs and special needs educational materials, such as spelling boards, adapted school desks and tactile dominoes.

The Impact

The children in the area and their parents have been able to access drugs, treatment, and invaluable support.




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Economic Empowerment

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