About the project

The Challenge

Cycling out of Poverty is a Dutch NGO working in Africa that had 3 bicycle interventions and 1 in development making bicycles accessible via credit for small entrepreneurs, students and health workers and teaching them how a bicycle could be used to earn a livelihood, improve access to schools or improve healthcare.

The Intervention

With KSh 1,673,500 financial support from the Safaricom Foundation, 102 Community Health Workers (CHWs) were equipped with a bicycle for health checks, emergency visits and counselling and 5 isolated communities were equipped with bicycles plus bicycle ambulance trailers for better access to health centres.

The Impact

This bicycle intervention improves the capacity of CH’s and the opportunity to visit more patients by increasing the capture area and speed. The bicycle intervention also provides a fast and efficient first aid emergency transport system.




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Economic Empowerment

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