About the project

The Challenge

The school had a special unit for persons with disability. The main issue was that after completing the primary education, learners with disability resolved to manual jobs such as water vending and hawking to sustain themselves financially. The learners had to leave behind the education and skills garnered in school so as to survive in the outside world. The school thought of introducing vocational studies to equip learners with disability with skills in different crafts and fields. That way, they would be able to use the skills to generate income to support themselves and their families.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation, through the National Fund for Disabled Persons of Kenya (NFDK), handed over an equipped sheltered workshop to support 88 learners with disability. The workshop was equipped with catering equipment such as cookers and popcorns machines, tailoring equipment such as sewing machines as well as carpentry machines.

The Impact

With these tools, learners with disability graduating from the school are expected to be qualified to start their own businesses as well as receive job offers in the different vocational fields hence be able to meet their financial needs.




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Economic Empowerment

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