About the project

The Challenge

Statistics indicate that 65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads while 42% of school-going girls have never used sanitary pads. Most of them seek unhygienic homemade alternatives such as rags, pieces of mattress, blankets, tissue paper and cotton wool. Additionally, some school-going girls miss up to 25% of a school year due to periods.

The Intervention

M-PESA Foundation in partnership with Zawadi Youth Enterprise and Huru International committed KES 22.5 million to support 30,000 girls with sexual and reproductive health education as well as menstrual care packs. Additionally, 10,000 adolescent boys were equipped with menstruation, sexual reproductive health and life skills as well as boy packs.

The Impact

The interventions are expected to improve the knowledge of teenage girls and boys on menstrual hygiene and adolescent sexual reproductive health. Women will also be self-aware not to make compromises in order to access menstrual care packs.




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Economic Empowerment

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