About the project

The Challenge

Access to maternal health has remained a critical component to the survival of mothers and children. Maternal and child mortality rates in the country remain unacceptably high with at least 7,000 mothers dying annually from pregnancy related complications. Most of these deaths are avoidable when mothers have access to maternal care during and after pregnancy. Additionally, UNICEF has ranked Kenya second in the region and 33 globally where a child has the lowest chance of survival until the age of five. 73 children out of 1,000 births in Kenya die before the age of five. Previously, out of every 1,000 mothers who attended pre-natal clinic at Magadi hospital, only 100 ended up going back for assisted delivery which was a very small fraction. This would push up the cost of care for the facility since most mothers came in when they developed complications. The cost of a surgery following childbirth complication can go up to Kshs.50, 000 whereas it would cost only Kshs.2, 000- Kshs. 4,000 to do normal delivery.

The Intervention

Magadi Soda Foundation partnered with Safaricom Foundation to introduce integrated Maternal Health Improvement Programme at Magadi hospital aimed at increasing access and quality of service offered. The integrated project has three facets. Firstly, provision of equipment to guarantee safe delivery which is what Safaricom Foundation is supporting, secondly, awareness creation and community health campaigns to address cultural barriers and lastly, taking services closer to the people through satellite facilities. Safaricom Foundation provided equipment that include comprehensive patient monitor, infant monitor, Intensive Care Unit bed for maternal surgeries, electronic maternity bed, maternal overhead lights to ensure surgical areas are well lit up, medical cart, suction machine and an air conditioning unit. This investment is valued at Kshs.7.8million and was intended to benefit at least 20,000women in the catchment area.

The Impact

The project witnessed a threefold increase in average assisted monthly births from a maximum of 200 to reach 600. The transition from prenatal to postnatal and assisted births also improved by 80%. There has been a reduction in infant mortality by at least 50%.




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Economic Empowerment

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