About the project

The Challenge

Kuja primary is a special mixed boarding school for the hearing impaired learners that was started in 1978 and has grown from a population of 6 pupils to around 230 to date. The school had a serious power shortage due to low voltages and frequent blackouts that had a negative impact on the school’s academic performance and on the safety of the pupils.

The Intervention

The Safaricom Foundation partnered with the school to meet need for a three phase Generator to provide an native power supply to save the situation. The generator is able to provide lighting, run computers and pump water for the school.

The Impact

There is effective communication in the school as the frequent power black outs which we used to experience is no longer there. The students use sign language as a mode of communication and once there is no light then communication is cut off especially at night. The installation of solar has solved that problem and this has boosted our children morale. Because of the solar system, their electricity bill has gone considerably low because most of the time we use the solar system and switch off electricity and also we no longer have to purchase paraffin for use during power blackouts.

The whole compound is well lit including the latrines and bathrooms and pupils can visit those places any time of day or night without any fear which they used to experience during the night when there is power blackouts. Due to the solar project, their programes can now run as scheduled i.e the exams can now be typed and printed on time and done as scheduled without any interruption because of power failure. The project also assist the deaf community around us and just to mention a few, the education office have always got assistance during seminars by photocopying and printing in case of blackouts in the whole town.




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Economic Empowerment

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