About the project

The Challenge

Uplifting, vibrant, inspirational art is known to help improve the wellbeing of people suffering from illnesses and disease. Much more than decoration, the right kind of art can reassure sufferers and even speed up their recovery. Although keenly aware of these benefits, the Nyanza Provincial General Hospital lacked the funds to provide beautiful artworks as well as patient services

The Intervention

A partnership with the Juhudi Children’s Club in a KShs 1.8 million project delivered 36 uplifting, colourful mosaic artworks brightening up its main corridors and, by the end of the project, over 400 artworks will be hanging on its walls, comforting and inspiring patients and healthcare workers alike.
“Through the Mosaic Art Project we continue to prove that we can make beautiful and enduring items from recycled tiles and ceramics, pieces that people have thrown away,” explains David Kimani, Programmes Director for the Club. “More importantly, we are also creating future ‘givers’, children who grow up knowing that they have a duty to share their time, skills and talents to help improve their neighbourhoods and communities.”

The Impact

The project has drawn on the talents and enthusiasm of more than 1,200 children from 17 primary schools in Kisumu to create the beautiful mosaic artworks and represents the fifth time the Club and the Foundation have partnered. “These works will be seen by the 200,000 patients that are admitted into the hospital each year,” points out David Kimani. “We are very proud of the colour, warmth and life our continued partnership with the Safaricom Foundation has enabled us to bring to the hospital.”




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Economic Empowerment

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