About the project

The Challenge

Founded in 2008, the Ishaqbini Community Conservancy is one of the newest conservancies under the umbrella of the Northern Rangelands Trust. Located in Ijara district in North Eastern Kenya, and covering part of the Eastern sector of the Tana River Primate National Reserve, Ishaqbini was established primarily to conserve the Hirola antelope (Beatragus hunteri); one of Africa’s most endangered ungulates that are unique to the area. The already rare Hirola population is under threat from poaching, and without protection, could be made extinct. Ishaqbini is also an important area for African Wild Dog and has resident populations of reticulated giraffe, lesser kudu, gerenuk, lion, leopard and desert warthog (a species about which very little is known).

The Intervention

The Safaricom Foundation partnered with Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy to support its anti-poaching patrol programme in terms of scouts training and capital equipment. The grant from the Foundation was also critical for the newly established conservancy and Ishaqbini has now grown into a stable community conservation.

The Impact

The anti-poaching programme has positively impacted not only the Hirola population, but has also extended to elephants and other species. The Conservancy is on course to becoming a key tourist attraction, with interested tourism investors visiting the area during the year. Ishaqbini has the potential to play a pivotal role for conservation in the wider region of north-eastern Kenya. The Conservancy is part of the same wider ecosystem as the Boni forest and Dodori reserves on the north Kenya coast, with elephant populations frequently migrating between regions.




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Economic Empowerment

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