About the project

The Challenge

The dispensary which is located in a remote area, is serving ten catchment villages with a population of 7,388 people since the other health facilities are too far. The hospital’s resources were stretched lowering the efficiency and quality of services. Moreover, the maternity wing was under equipped and yet many mothers visited the hospital for delivery and post-natal services. The dispensary was also very small in that the departments were squeezed into one building causing congestion and disorganization.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation’s Ndoto Zetu donated hospital equipment worth KES 500,000. The equipment comprised of 3 tents, 1 suction machine, 2 weighing machines and a resuscitaire machine.

The Impact

The tents have extended the dispensary’s space in that they serve as a waiting bay for clients where they are shielded from weather changes as well as help maintain social distancing. The weighing scale and suction machine has also elevated the efficiency level in the maternity wing.




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Economic Empowerment

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