About the project

The Challenge

Huru International was founded in 2008 for the purpose of producing and distributing kits of reusable sanitary pads (RSPs) and other essential health resources to at-risk girls throughout Kenya. Huru Kits are produced locally, at a livelihood-generating workshop in Nairobi’s Mukuru slum. Kits are then distributed through school-based seminars, which engage beneficiaries in peer-based educational activities focused on HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health. Huru International has produced and distributed over 25,000 reusable sanitary pad kits in a program that has changed the lives of Kenyan girls. The Safaricom Foundation has been one of Huru’s earliest supporters, and is a key partner in Kenya. In particular, the Foundation has supported the production and delivery of thousands of these Kits.

The Intervention

The Safaricom Foundation has partnered with Huru International over the years to fund the production and distribution of the reusable sanitary pad kits to school girls all over the country from Karachuonyo to Garissa. With the Huru kits, girls are able to attend school throughout the school year including during their menstrual periods unlike before, which has resulted in increased academic performance.

The Impact

The impact of this work has been dramatic as: school absenteeism has been eliminated for 95% of program beneficiaries, and the academic performance of 85% of the girls who have received a Huru Kit has shown significant improvement. Just as important, as a consequence of the HIV prevention and life skills learning materials included in Huru Kits and at distribution events, 79% of beneficiaries have demonstrated increased HIV awareness.




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Economic Empowerment

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