About the project

The Challenge

Having 1180 students in the school, water supply was a major challenge. That many a student meant that the health risks associated with water-borne diseases was high.

They used to fetch water from a nearby stream whose quality of water was contaminated. To supplement the water drawn from the stream, the school used to hire a vehicle to fetch water from the bigger River Migori.

Students were regularly required to disrupt their studies to make time to fetch water from the stream. Health wise, cases of typhoid were causing alarm in the school.

The Intervention

To ease the water burdens, Safaricom Foundation enabled the school get three 10, 000 litre water tanks at KES 450,000.

The Impact

The 3 tanks have addressed the water supply in the school. This has in effect, helped the students focus on their education and eliminated the outbreaks of typhoid which were afflicting them.

The school has shifted from using untrusted water sources to a clean and reliable source of water within the school compound. This has contributed to good health and academic progression of the students.




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Economic Empowerment

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