About the project

The Challenge

Learners in the community were affected by the lack of books with the current Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). They wanted to borrow books and use them, but they contained the old curriculum.

The community members needed a place to recreate and hold gatherings to address matters concerning them.

The community had occasions where idleness led to incidences of criminal activities and drug abuse.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation donated books at a cost of KES 550,000 which are updated with the current syllabus.

The resource center is stocked with revision books, story books and set books.

For non-academic activities, the neighborhood has an environment to unwind through reading for personal development.

The Impact

The learners both in primary and secondary school are able to benefit from books which have the current syllabus. They will be at par with other learners who already had the books and improve academically.

The books will provide a conducive environment for reading and learning, eventually the education standards among them will improve.

The resource center will also be of help to the neighboring community in Dagoretti.




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Economic Empowerment

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