About the project

The Challenge

Sapling Trust Foundation is a non-profit making organization that caters for people and children with special needs that have resulted from neuro-developmental disorders, injuries or diseases and has been in operation since November 2010. Sapling Trust Foundation was started by some parents of special needs children who experienced difficulty in getting properly supervised therapy and education tailored to suit the needs of their children. The greatest challenge is the number of children with special needs and do not receive proper care in order to fit in the society, simply because costs of therapy are prohibitive yet therapy is a long term endeavor.

The Intervention

Safaricom foundation approved the funding of KSh 1 215 000 to purchase specialised occupational therapy and physiotherapy equipment needed to assist the rehabilitation of children with a variety of conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy and brain lesions. Among the equipment purchased is a Vestibulator II System, a trampoline, cable columns, weights and a physiotherapy work table.

The Impact

Besides Coast Provincial General Hospital, Sapling Trust Foundation is the only other organization to have a Vestibulator II System. The equipment has already helped two children who were unstable walking to be able to climb stairs without support. It also has a tremendous calming effect on hyperactive children and several of them can now sit and concentrate on tasks in class and at home. The trampoline provides sensory stimulation that helps the brain to become better organised and to develop the visual perceptual skills needed to read and write. It has already helped nine children with ASD, four children with Down syndrome and one adult suffering from a brain lesion.




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Economic Empowerment

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