About the project

The Challenge

The high temperatures and frequent droughts faced by the 6000 residents of the Mukanda and Nthunguni Locations in Nzaui District can make life tough. People often have to walk considerable distances just to find water and small stock rearing is the only viable farming activity. “I live in Muusini Village and used to fetch water at Muooni River, which is 30 Kilometres away, ” explains Peninah Kimonyi.” I used to walk to the river together with my animals. My two donkeys would each carry back four jerry cans of water and I would carry an extra one. This was quite tiresome, especially as I would also be carrying the wet clothes I had cleaned at the river on my back.”

The Intervention

Alerted to the hardships of the residents, the Safaricom Foundation sponsored a KShs 16.6 million water project to drastically shorten the distance they need to travel to access this precious commodity. The project involved the construction of an 11 kilometre pipeline, rehabilitating a borehole, repairing a dilapidated generator (to serve as a standby power source) and the construction of five water kiosks and three livestock troughs to supply the two communities.

The Impact

The lives of residents have been transformed by the kiosks. “Since Safaricom Foundation brought the water closer to us at Muusini Water Kiosk, I only have to walk for 5 minutes to fetch water”,smiles a delighted Peninah Kimonyi.




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Economic Empowerment

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