About the project

The Challenge

Kambandi dispensary is a government Health Institution approved to give health care to the community in Muiru location, Chuka Division. The Dispensary was started in 1978 by the Muiru Community to offer basic preventive and curative medical services to the residents of Muiru and neighbouring Locations. It was closed down in 2004 and revived in 2007 following its renovation using CDF funds. Expectant mothers in Muiru Location would to travel 12 kilometers to the Mpukoni Health Centre or even further to the Chuka District Hospital for maternity care.

The Intervention

Noting that majority of the mothers living in rural areas do not have access to the maternal care that they need, Safaricom foundation Trustees approved a grant of Kshs 2,014,750 for the construction of Mother-Child Health & Family Planning Block. Further, the foundation donated Kshs 250,000 for equipping the dispensary. The foundation actively supports health-related initiatives where it can and seeks ways to help local communities prevent sad and often avoidable deaths.

The Impact

Patients do not have to travel the long distance to Chuka General Hospital or the Mpukoni Health Centre to get medical services. Through the Block, the Foundation has improved the maternal and child healthcare available to about 30,000 people in the immediate community and the neighbouring locations, especially as they can now access laboratory tests and services for the first time




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Economic Empowerment

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