About the project

The Challenge

St. Francis De Sales Health Centre, is located in Chuka Tharaka Nithi County where it serves residents of Cheera with health care services. However, patients were not able to get blood screening forcing them to travel for 10 km to Chuka town.   Due to capacity issues and unavailability of doctors, patients would go back home  unattended.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation through the Pamoja scheme which is a staff engagement programme funded the purchase of a hematology Analyzer machine, to a tune of Kshs 850,000.

The Impact

The machine has been able to increase the capacity of the Health Centre to handle more patients on a daily basis as well as generate more revenue for the hospital. The hospital is now  able to boost its bed capacity and offer better services to its residents.

In addition, the machine has been of great help to  doctors who can now  detect a wider scope of diseases which means more accurate diagnosis and proper medication. Overall, residents in the community and students will be able to access quality healthcare services at the convenience of having this facility as close as their doorstep.




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Economic Empowerment

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