About the project

The Challenge

Between 2012 and 2017, this school hosted an additional 90 pupils despite the decreasing number of staff which meant the teacher-pupil relationship grew thinner over the years.
The members of community and parents have tried to construct additional classrooms to accommodate the increasing number of pupils, but unfortunately due to financial constraints they could not set up permanent classrooms. Change of climate only worsened the conditions of classrooms over the years.
The increasing enrollment strained the already limited resources, which called for an urgent expansion in order for pupils to get quality education.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation through the Pamoja Scheme funded the renovation of four classrooms at Kshs 980,000.
Pamoja Scheme is an initiative that encourages Safaricom employees to take part in a community project of their choice. This project’s champion is Magellan Mungui.

The Impact

This new classroom will not only reduce congestion but also leave the pupils protected from dust and cold weather. The pupils now have more room for teacher-pupil interaction leading to improved academic performance.
Education is one of the key strategic directions that the Safaricom Foundation has supported since its inception and will continue to support over the coming years. This project also aims to fulfil the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.




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Economic Empowerment

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