About the project

The Challenge

Lechugu Secondary School in Laikipia was started in 2014. It is a single stream school with a population of 21 students comprising of 13 girls and 8 boys. The school has two teachers. The school is overcrowded as it has inadequate facilities, which include two semi-permanent classrooms, a semi-permanent administration office that doubles as a staffroom, and four pit latrines between the teaching staff and the students.
This lack of proper learning structures do not create an ideal environment for the school pupils.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation undertook to complete the construction of one semi-permanent classroom into a fully permanent classroom at a cost of Ksh. 825,000.
The new classroom has ample lighting and ventilation, a safe non-leaking roof and an exit door that opens outwards.
Thus, the students will have a proper learning space in the permanent classroom.

The Impact

With the permanent classroom funded by Safaricom foundation, the students now have access to a proper learning environment.
The newly-constructed classroom also allows lighting and ventilation and can accommodate a maximum of 50 students.
The students now have a safe and nurturing learning environment, where their academic performance will be boosted.




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Economic Empowerment

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