About the project

The Challenge

Pala Health centre currently serves a population of over 25, 000. It is the only health center in Ndhiwa and is supported by the constituency stimulus program as a modern role model health facility. The facility is critical in reducing maternal and early child deaths and it handles 40 to 50 births each month. However the hospital could not reach many of its patients after having to discontinue the ambulance services due to the rough terrain and numerous breakdowns. This led to many pre mature deaths and aggravated cases of pre and ante natal complications as the next facility is 42 km away, 20km being a rough road.

The Intervention

The Foundation in partnership with the Homabay county government purchased the Ambulance at Kshs 2,700,000 that will be used to assist the constituency to handle emergencies.

The Impact

The ambulance will help alleviate cases of maternal and early child deaths in the community. Areas that could not be reached due to the tough terrain will now be within reach giving the people in these areas access to emergency medical car




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Economic Empowerment

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