About the project

The Challenge

The lack of a science laboratory, availability of several public day secondary schools within the same area and the high drop-out rates has negatively affected the academic performance of ACK Kambaru Secondary.

The first candidates in the school sat the national examinations in 2012 and attained a mean score of 4.5 which further dropped to 4.1in 2014. This decline in grades has become demotivating to the rest of the students.

Student population dropped from 120 students in 2013 to 100 students. The school has lost a number of male students due to Miraa (khat) and boda boda businesses while girls usually opt for early marriages.


The Intervention

Through the Pamoja Scheme, Safaricom Foundation funded the construction of the laboratory in 2013 at Ksh 500,000, that only covered 50% of the construction.

Safaricom Foundation contributed Kshs. 900,000 in 2015 to supplement the contribution from the school and Siakago CDF of Kshs 426, 000 making a total of Kshs 1.4 million.

The Impact

The new science laboratory will inspire and encourage more students to take up science lessons and hopefully grow to be future scientists.

The students now have the facilities they require to excel and compete fairly with other schools in the region therefore raising their grades.




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Economic Empowerment

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