About the project

The Challenge

The 1278 pupils studying at the PCEA Elburgon Primary School in Nakuru lack a library that is hindering their proper learning. The students are unable to learn as properly and as efficiently they should because the facilities are below par, in terms of accessing learning resources such as books.

The Intervention

Safaricom foundation through the Pamoja scheme funded the construction of a library valued at Kshs. 1 million, under the guidance of project champion Elizabeth Nduta. Pamoja is an initiative by Safaricom where the staff get involved in projects that impact the community positively.

The Impact

The new library will aid in creating a better learning atmosphere in the PCEA Elburgon Primary School. The students will now have the opportunities to read more books and even study in the library, encouraging their creative imagination to develop.




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Economic Empowerment

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