About the project

The Challenge

Maranda School for the Mentally Handicapped is located 10km from Bondo town. It was started as an initiative for the mentally challenged by Maranda Primary school Board of management in 1985 and registered in 1988 as a special unit school and it separated itself from the primary school. The school has a population of 120 students; 45 girls and 75 boys. The school offers both normal curriculums education and vocational training skills to the students. Some of the vocational training covers tailoring, weaving, carpentry, carving, forestry and beauty therapy.

The Intervention

The Safaricom Foundation through Pamoja Initiative funded the construction and furnishing of a classroom at Kshs.900, 000. Walter Ojuka, the Project Champion contributed Kshs.90, 000 amounting to a total of Kshs.990, 000. The new classroom has new 20 lockers and chairs which will accommodate students in both the Horticulture and Weaving classes. This classroom also has two doors which will allow for an easy division using plywood so that 10 more students from a different class.

The Impact

The new class will reduce the number of flu infections which were frequent due to congestion in class. Being a metal institution, the classroom will offer more space so that the emotional and a little disorderly students may not get injured while learning. This class will also provide more space for indoor physical training that will improve their eyes, hands and legs coordination. 90 per cent of Maranda School’s population suffer from epilepsy, spacious classroom will allow for quick recovery when a student suffers an attack.




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Economic Empowerment

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