About the project

The Challenge

Kauma Primary School is located kasipul kabondo in Homa Bay County. The school had eight dilapidated pit latrines which paused a health risk and also served as a potential spot for accidents further increasing the transfers of pupils to other schools.

The classrooms were in a bad condition and could not sufficiently accommodate the pupils. The students also suffered malnutrition due to poor diet.

The Intervention

Through the Know and Grow program, an initiative by Safaricom Foundation, Tinga Tinga Tales Foundation and the Coca- Cola Company, the school received classrooms, pit latrines, a greenhouse and the purchase of a two, 2000 liters-water tanks all valued at Ksh 2 million whereby Safaricom Foundation contributed Ksh 270, 000.

The Impact

The new classrooms have been able to improve concentration span of the students because the teachers now have better access to each and every student in the class. It will also provide space for fun activities within the class.

The new pit latrines are safe for children and will reduce the number of dysentery and stomach related cases.

The greenhouse will not only provide the school with food but will also act as an income generating project for the school. The profit made from selling tomatoes and vegetables can be used to purchase more nutritious food supplies for the pupils especially the ones in ECD classes.

This school is located in a rather dry area. Therefore, the two water tanks will be used to ensure the school does not run out of water during the dry season.




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Economic Empowerment

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