About the project

The Challenge

Fistula is a sensitive condition that afflicts women; it causes pain and shame. In addition to that, it is not an easy and cheap condition to treat which leaves many women out of reach for proper fistula treatment.

It is estimated that annually, there are 3,000 new fistula cases in Kenya and out of these 2,700 women are unable to get the necessary medical attention. It is not just a medical condition, it has social implications such as stigma.

In Makueni County, women suffering from fistula needed treatment and surgery to ease their agony and shame.

The Intervention

 Safaricom Foundation in partnership with Flying Doctors Society of Kenya and the Makueni County Government held a weeklong fistula camp where women administered with free fistula treatment. The exercise took place at the Makueni County Referral Hospital.

The Impact

 Over 50 women benefitted from free fistula surgeries. The women can now have decent lives without the agony of fistula. They have accessed fistula treatment without struggling to pay for the medical service.

They lead healthy lives with no stigma




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Economic Empowerment

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