About the project

The Challenge

Elephants in central Kenya have traditionally migrated between the Mount Kenya National Reserve and the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve in search of water and fresh grazing. The growth and development of human populations around these reserves has, inevitably, impacted on their routes and brought the migrating elephants into conflict with people.

The Intervention

To prevent potentially dangerous confrontations and to allow the elephants to continue migrating safely, a 14 kilometre “elephant corridor” has been established between the two Reserves and the Safaricom Foundation has partnered with the Mount Kenya Trust to ensure its continued operation. Involved in the initial construction of the corridor, the latest funding from the Foundation of KShs 1,327,274 will be used for maintenance and repairs.

The Impact

“The funding enables us to carry out the day-to-day patrols and checks necessary,” explains Susie Weeks, Executive Officer of the Trust. “It keeps the required staff, fuel, equipment and logistics in place. The Foundation has been a lifeline for the Mount Kenya Trust for many years and remains one of our most consistent friends.”




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Economic Empowerment

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