About the project

The Challenge

Dienya Health Centre was started in the year 2009 by the CDF. With only one Clinical Officer and three nurses, this facility serves 7,500 members of the Siaya community.
In order to accommodate more mothers, the CDF added an extra maternity Wing here. Unfortunately, the new wing has not been able to adequately serve the increasing number of mothers due to lack of maternity equipment.

The Intervention

The Safaricom Foundation funded the equipping and renovation of Dienya Health Centre at a cost of Kshs4.5 million. The Foundation also funded the purchase of a 5, 000 liters-water tank.

The Impact

New mothers can now enjoy their stay in the hospital and focus on their bundles of joy, thanks to the new ceiling and smooth tiled floors, hot showers and clean supply of water.
The over 65 new equipment and materials will provide the doctors and nurses what they need to ensure safe deliveries and healthy mothers and children.




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Economic Empowerment

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