About the project

The Challenge

Children could not go to school because they were suffering and hurting from wounds inflicted by jiggers. Some adults could also not go to work as they were nursing wounds from jiggers. They held their children back at home to do house chores which affected their education. Another challenge was that girls lacked sanitary towels and that they had to repurpose rags and mattress covers in order to hide the embarrassment of soiling themselves.

The Intervention

Safaricom Foundation, through the Ndoto Zetu initiative supported the community with jigger chemicals and sanitary towels at a cost of KES 200,000.

The Impact

At least 40 pupils and villagers are gaining from the jigger chemicals which are being used to remove the jiggers and clean up the wounds, while also spraying homesteads as a preventive measure. Over 200 girls have acquired sanitary towels that are bringing dignity and let them live their lives without shame and stigma.




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Economic Empowerment

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