About the project

The Challenge

Nelson Dzuya Foundation is an organization dedicated to the improvement of quality of life for all, alleviation of poverty, provision of healthcare, education and environmental programs. A study carried out by Nelson Dzuya Foundation in Kaloleni District on Deworming of children by Ministry of Health through Medical Officer of Health Mariakani District Hospital, showed that deworming children reduced primary school absenteeism and the gains were largest among young children, who suffered the most intense worm infections. While intestinal worm infections are treatable through inexpensive, highly-effective drugs, sadly, these medicines remain in short supply throughout the country. Despite the low cost, the drugs are unaffordable for many in the poorest communities, whose children are the most vulnerable to infection.

The Intervention

Nelson Dzuya Foundation has been running an extensive de-worming programme that aims to treat over 100 000 children in Kaloleni and Rabai Districts. Safaricom Foundation has supported the de-worming program since 2010 and provided a further KSh 3 million of funding. As well as being used to purchase de-worming drugs, the funding has been used to improve sanitation and clean water access at all 80 primary schools in the Kaloleni and Rabai Districts through the provision of water tanks, detergents and slippers for learners to wear when using the toilet facilities.

The Impact

Since the program began, attendance in school has improved, health of the children is better with majority of them growing normally; unlike in previous years, when you would find many with distended abdomens. Children who are kept worm-free are not just happier, but more productive in the society. The program has treated over 90,000 children to date and in addition to the drugs, each school is receiving a 2000 litre water storage tank, hand washing stations, detergents and pairs of slippers. The children are also taught the fundamentals of good hygiene.




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Economic Empowerment

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