About the project

The Challenge

CFSK is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to empower young people and communities by facilitating the development of ICT infrastructure and capacity. With the rapid increase and changing demands of consumers for electrical goods and information technology equipment comes a significant rise in the quantities and availability of electronic and electrical products. These products are continuously upgraded and quickly become obsolete with their demand expanding daily. The increased demand for new products and new functionalities had resulted in a rapid turnover and often improper disposal of such products. Electronic waste-or e-waste-management is fast becoming a serious issue in Kenya.

The Intervention

The Safaricom Foundation partnered with Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) to establish the first ever e-waste management centre of its kind in Kenya. In order to upscale the capacity of the e-waste centre to handle hard plastics, the Foundation made a grant to CFSK to purchase a state of the art e-waste grinding machine. The machine has complemented existing recycling and waste management processes for metals and other parts.

The Impact

CFSK implements Best Management Practices in its handling of e-waste in Kenya, using a hierarchy of reuse of electronic equipment and components, recycling equipment and components for material recovery, and finally, disposal of materials. CFSK is committed to ensuring efficient, safe and conservative disposal of electronic waste. Plastic and steel components are now being recycled locally, with more complex components shipped overseas to partners who have the technical capacity to handle them.




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Economic Empowerment

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