About the project

The Challenge

Lariak Primary School is located in Sipili, Ngarua Division, Laikipia County and was founded in 1962. The school has an enrolment of more than 800 pupils. In a fast moving technological world it will be hard for any student to enter into the job market or approach life with no computer skills. Computer literacy is vital in any sphere of life today.

The Intervention

Safaricom foundation is interested in supporting learning environments that allow students to thrive and succeed. The foundation donated Kshs 500,000 which was used for equipping a computer laboratory through the pamoja scheme for Lariak Primary School.

The Impact

Lower primary pupils now have a chance to learn ICT at an early age and therefore blend into the digital world seamlessly. The teaching staffs also has a chance of accessing digital learning materials as this will open up the way for further sponsorship by interested organizations willing to support the school with digital Learning Resources. Students in lariak primary school look forward to attend computer lessons and would not miss school for anything. This has led to drops in absenteeism. Besides during weekend parents also attend computer classes there by creating a community that is computer literate.




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Economic Empowerment

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