About the project

The Challenge

Learning in environments that lack basic educational staples such as desks, bathrooms, books and pens is an unfortunate reality in Kenya. These sort of environments lead to the students being distracted and not being able to focus on their reason for being in school – learning.

The Intervention

The program identifies beneficiary Primary Schools using the National Poverty Index report (2009), drawing on the analysis indicating that poverty and limited education opportunities are correlated. Improving infrastructure has been highlighted as one of the ways to increase retention and improve performance in primary schools.

The Impact

The Know and Grow – Education Programme Partnership brings together funding, technical expertise and project management expertise of three institutions (Safaricom Foundation, Tinga Tinga Tales Foundation and Coca-Cola CEWA) that has seen the construction of a model classroom for 50 students, the provision of classroom furniture and water & sanitation facilities all over the country.




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Economic Empowerment

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