About the project

The Challenge

Alive and Kicking is an NGO that uses football and netball to create awareness among the youth on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other key health issues. Using catchy and innovative messaging, branded balls and Arts And Culture personalities, Alive and Kicking encourages youth to stay safe from HIV and teaches them how to live healthy lives all around. The first Alive and Kicking stitching centre was set up in Nairobi in 2004. Since then, Alive and Kicking has produced and distributed over 180,000 balls. Every Alive and Kicking ball made in Kenya is printed with a health awareness message about HIV/AIDS and malaria.
Over the last three years alone, Alive and Kicking has integrated a series of road shows to take their messages out to Kenyan communities. The organization targets both in and out of school youth, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Intervention

The Foundation supported road shows staged at 40 secondary schools in Machakos and the wider school community, as well as the development of Alive and Kicking clubs. We also supported Alive and Kicking to host a hugely successful road show in Rarieda, to raise HIV awareness and address the Arts And Culture recreational needs of the youth. The road show used a combination of music, educative drama, a series of HIV / AIDS awareness posters featuring Kenya’s top Arts And Culture personalities offering behavioural advice and Arts And Culture coaching and tournaments to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among children and youth.

The Impact

The seven week programme reached 27 secondary schools, 109 primary schools and 52 out of school youth groups. The awareness campaign reached over 30,000 children, adolescents and youth; 580 of whom utilized HIV testing services. The Rarieda road show still remains one of the most successful organized by Alive and Kicking. Through the initiative, and thanks to the partnership with the Safaricom Foundation, more than 50 sustainable jobs have been created and an estimated 35,000 young Kenyans have been impacted by the health awareness programme.




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