About the project

The Challenge

Kenyans living in remote areas and suffering from debilitating neurological diseases that require specialised surgery have issues accessing the treatment they urgently need in order to lead happy, pain-free lives.

The Intervention

The Foundation has purchased a mobile neuroendoscope for the African Neurological Disease Research Foundation (ANDREF), an outreach organisation that saves lives and heals Kenyans who cannot access the neurological treatments they need by bringing these to them.
It enables neurosurgeons to travel to patients in remote areas and perform delicate neurosurgical procedures in the field. Prior to the purchase of the KShs 1.7 million state-of-the-art surgical machine, patients in remote areas had to wait indefinitely to be treated as there was only the one mobile neuroendoscope in Kenya and it had to be booked well in advance. The sophistication of the new neuroendoscope also ensures the least possible trauma to the brain during surgery.

The Impact

As you can imagine, all concerned are delighted to have the access to this equipment, notes Marieke Ruberti, the head of ANDREF. Being in possession of the portable neuroendoscope has allowed for flexibility and freedom in planning and implementing operations in the field and enabled more patients to be treated successfully; in fact, 30 patients have already directly benefited from its use.




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Economic Empowerment

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