About the project

The Challenge

Over a third of the people in the drought-prone region are dependant on relief food because unreliable rainfall regularly leads to the loss of livestock and crop failure.

The Intervention

Constructed from funding of KShs 13.8 million from the Foundation, the new water system consists of six shallow wells, equipped with solar panels, pumps and storage tanks, a water kiosk that dispenses clean and safe water to community members, a cattle trough for livestock and a drip irrigation system that feeds six greenhouses.

The Impact

Completed in March 2012, the Abass Farm Community Project has helped cushion over 5000 pastoralists in the Wajir East District from water scarcity and food insecurity.
As well as providing the people with the water they need and enabling them to grow and harvest crops all year round, the water system further tackles the spread of water-borne diseases within the community by featuring environmentally friendly (eco-san) toilets.




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Economic Empowerment

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