Wezesha #EconomicEmpowerment

It is estimated that in Kenya, one million young people are ready to enter the job market each year but lack the opportunities. This is because the economy is failing to create jobs at the rate needed to employ the youth entering the workforce annually. There is also a growing skills mismatch in the Kenyan economy and subsequent skills gap in important growth industries.

Through our Economic Empowerment programme, we aim to support at least 1,700 youth aged 18-25 years with entry level jobs following successful completion of a 4 to 8 weeks training program in Vocational Training Centers across the country.

Statistics show that youth aged between 18 and 25 years are twice more likely to be unemployed compared to their counterparts aged 26 to 35 years. Safaricom Foundation in partnership with Generation Kenya launched the Wezesha program targeting to equip youth aged 18-25 years with knowledge, skills and tools they require to succeed in the workplace as well as position them for professional and personal success. Through the program, the beneficiaries will be equipped with technical skills, behaviours and mind-sets to enter a fulfilling entry level job and career. The Wezesha program providing skilled labour to both the formal and informal sector and creating a scalable and replicable model for addressing youth unemployment in Kenya and the region.