Empowerment January 10, 2020

Connecting the Youth in Huruma to the Digital Future

With ICT becoming a staple for prosperity and success in the digital era, Pius Muhoro, a member of the local NGO Slum Youth Talanta Foundation was looking to promote growth of talents and boost ICT knowledge in his community.

Safaricom partnered with Pius to provide him with computers to set up a computer lab in conjunction with Undugu Society, a partner of Slum Youth Talanta Foundation, to prepare youth for their digital future. Their mission was to give anyone above 18 years, a chance to gain digital knowledge and skills and equip them for a better future.

Empowerment November 9, 2020

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Empowerment October 26, 2020

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Empowerment October 19, 2020

Supporting Youth with Economic Empowerment Activities