Our Impact

Since 2003, we have been able to create lasting social, economic and transformational investment to over 3.5 million people across Kenya. Our 2014-2017 strategic focus was distributed across the following focus key areas: Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, Water, Technology for good and Disaster Relief.

Some of our achievements include 194 co-funding partnerships and 241 implementation partnerships supporting 442 projects in all the 47 counties.

Our impact in numbers of the lives touched under this strategy were:

  • Health- 212,914
  • Education-157,163
  • Arts and Culture- 175,000
  • Water- 109,700
  • Economic empowerment- 16,517
  • Environment- 130,000
  • Disaster response- 3,400
  • Technology- 95,052

The projects are clearly highlighted below:


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