How to Apply For Funding

We are always looking to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and one of the ways we do this is by accepting proposals to support various projects. The information provided below is aimed at providing guidance on the specific areas that the projects should be focused on. Each thematic area should have an individual proposal application form. This section will instruct you on how to complete the proposal application form. We also fund small businesses through the Micro loan fund. The Fund is available to individuals and community groups/alumni who do not have access to credit, including young people out of school. Read the article on Micro loan funding to find out how to apply.

Apply for funding

Follow the steps below and fill in all requested information to submit your application.


Some terms explained


This section should indicate the issues identified that resulted in the project idea, why the problem needs to be addressed and the changes resulting from implementing the project.


This section should highlight what the project aims to achieve specifying the outcome of the project. This will include an indication of what the project will change, the time frame during which the problem will be addressed and how the objectives will contribute to the achievement of the overall goals.


The number of beneficiaries (people to benefit from the project) to be reached by the project should be indicated. This should clearly provide a breakdown by gender.


Indicators refer to the statistics used to measure the performance or progress of a project. The specific indicators (provided in the application guidelines) relevant to the project should be highlighted under this section.


Sustainability can be defined as the ability of a project to maintain its operations, services and benefits during its projected life time even after funding from the Safaricom Foundation ceases.


This should contain a clear description of how the project will be monitored in the course of implementation. Project monitoring will ensure that any issues arising are identified in good time which improves efficiency as the project moves along.

The organization will be required to submit half year reports and final project report on the progress and achievements of the project.


The proposal should clearly state how information about the project with regard to the purpose, methods of implementing and accomplishments will be shared with the community and other beneficiaries.


The project budget should indicate the total cost of the project and budget outline. Each activity line should have the related cost indicated. (Please indicate the cost per unit and quantity to demonstrate how you arrive at the total).

Download Budget Template

Click the link below to download the budget template. Read the guidelines,
fill in the budget and then proceed to fill the form.


Please ensure all details are correct before your upload your budget.

General Information


Applicant's contact details

Organisation details

Project details Help?

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Project Budget

Thank you for your submission.
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