Together we are making a difference

Safaricom Foundation plays a critical role in supporting Safaricom’s purpose of transforming lives. We like to see ourselves not just as a purely commercial organisation but also one that is purpose driven and committed to serving the communities in which we operate.

Business can play a unique role in finding solutions to some of the most pressing problems we face today. Gone are the days when the business of an organisation was solely profits. That was a short-term view. Today’s reality is that purpose-driven organizations are the only ones with sustainable futures.

The reality is companies cannot operate successfully in an unjust and an unequal environment. It might be rosy in the short-term but unsustainable in the long run.

At Safaricom, we like to view our Transforming Lives Purpose through the eyes of what we refer to as the 3Ps: Purpose, People and Profits in that order. We believe that if you are purpose driven and invest in your people then the profits will follow.

The word “Twaweza” captures it perfectly; that when we come together great things happen.

Safaricom Foundation has aligned its objectives to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2016, Safaricom started the process of integrating nine of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals into our core business strategy. Through a detailed prioritization and strategy alignment session, we identified nine SDGs that we have integrated into our corporate strategy.

We did this because we believe that the SDGs provide the opportunity to really be a purpose driven business, and one that is both sustainable and inclusive.

Our nine priority goals are the goals in health; education; affordable and clean energy; decent work and economic growth; innovation and infrastructure; reducing inequalities; responsible consumption and production; climate action; peace and justice and partnerships.

But these goals will only remain lofty ideals, a mirage, unless we all roll up our sleeves to do something about it.

These transformed lives – it is our hope -create a ripple effect in the communities they originate and beyond.

Inside these pages are stories of mothers who speak of thier first experience delivering babies in medical facilities and how different that was when they had to do it on thier own or with the assistance of community birth attendants who are often ill-equipped for the task.

These are the stories of communities whose fortunes have been turned around by the availability of water, or the children from Mandera who now spend more time studying because their school has a dormitory and they won’t need to trek to school and back every day.

These transformed lives – it is our hope – create a ripple effect in the communities they originate and beyond. The stories here are only a few of the millions of lives touched since the Safaricom Foundation began its journey 15 years ago. We exist to Transform Lives; it’s our purpose and it is ingrained in the Safaricom DNA.
We look forward to more years of touching lives sustainably and partnering with others for greater impact. For when we come together, great things happen.