Teachers for Teachers provides training and continuous professional support that gives teachers at the refugee camp confidence to face their daily challenges

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of learners.

The impact of teachers becomes more amplified in areas of crisis such as a refugee camp.

It is a challenging place to teach because unlike in a normal school set up, teachers here have to contend with a harsh and dangerous environment.

Classrooms are overcrowded, and students must make do with the limited resources at their disposal which means sharing desks and books. Learners too come from varied linguistic backgrounds, and many are over aged due to years of missed schooling.

More often than not, some of the teachers are refugees who have graduated from camp secondary schools and have not had access to further education or training.

A number of teacher-training programmes have been initiated to help these teachers become better educators. One such programme is the Teachers for Teachers Training initiative at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana County.

Building on earlier field-testing of the training model and complementary research and needs assessment findings, Safaricom Foundation launched the Teachers for Teachers initiative in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya in May 2016 to support refugees and other teachers in their efforts to improve their own teaching practice.

“Teachers for teachers intergrates in-person teacher training, peer, coaching and mobile mentoring.”

Teachers for Teachers integrates in-person teacher training, peer coaching, and mobile mentoring to boost the skills and knowledge of teachers at the camp.

This is in response to the significant gaps in providing robust support to teachers working in such crisis-prone areas.

Teachers for Teachers provides competencybased, continuous professional development for educators working in refugee and other crisis settings.

The programme provides the knowledge and skills necessary for teachers to make their classrooms protective, healing and learning environments.

Teachers for Teachers brings together a variety of professional development opportunities for refugee teachers to provide on-site and online tailored, integrated and continuous learning.

Global mentors push mobile mentoring curriculum (e.g. reminders, tips, and strategies) linked to teacher training. Global mentors and mentees interact to help teachers find new strategies and solutions to their challenges, while also offering words of encouragement. Safaricom Foundation has provided all teachers in the programme with phones and airtime.

Training takes place in the form of workshops where international and local staff lead inperson training sessions with cohorts of ideally 25-30 teachers.

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