Safaricom Foundation Annual Report 2017 - 2018

15 years celebrating partnerships

Our People

Joseph Ogutu


Joseph joined Safaricom Foundation as a Trustee in 2008 and was later appointed Chairman in June, 2012. He is the Director, Strategy and Innovation at Safaricom Limited. Joseph is proud of the impact that Safaricom Foundation has had on people and communities and looks forward to working with partners to continue transforming lives.

Janice Mwendameru


Janice joined the Foundation as a Trustee in March, 2008. She currently works in the Customer Management Division. She is proud that Safaricom Foundation is changing people’s lives and gives hope for a better tomorrow through its social and economic empowerment initiatives.

Steve Chege


Steve joined the Foundation as a Trustee in April, 2015. He is the Director, Corporate Affairs at Safaricom Limited. He is particularly interested in programmes that impact the welfare of disadvantaged children.

Sylvia Mulinge


Sylvia joined Safaricom Foundation as a Trustee in April, 2015. She is the Director, Consumer Business Unit at Safaricom Limited. She is passionate about programmes that empower young people to reach their full potential.

Rita Okuthe


Rita joined Safaricom Foundation as a Trustee in April, 2015. She is the Director, Enterprise Business Unit at Safaricom Limited. Rita is passionate about maternal and child health programmes and hopes to make an impact such that no mother or child has to die during childbirth.

Josephine Kamanthe Ndambuki


Josephine joined Safaricom Foundation as a Trustee in March, 2010. She works as an Engineer in the Technical and IT Division at Safaricom Limited. Josephine believes that people are rich in resources and ideas. She is happy that Safaricom Foundation is helping people and communities transform their ideas and visions into reality for their own benefit.

Steve Okeyo


Steve joined Safaricom Foundation as a Trustee in April, 2016. He is the Director, Regional Sales & Operations at Safaricom Limited. To him, provision of quality education and improving access to clean water is a catalyst for community development especially for underprivileged communities.

Fawzia Ali


Fawzia joined Safaricom Foundation as a Trustee in April, 2015. She is the Head of Regional Sales & Operations Department Coast Region. Fawzia is proud to be part of a team that is empowering communities and transforming lives.

Sanda Ojiambo

Head of Corporate Responsibility

Sanda is proud that Safaricom Foundation provides the opportunity for strategic and long-term partnerships, and enjoys working with partners and communities to develop and implement projects. She enjoys playing a role in an organisation that addresses the gaps between community needs and the required innovations and resources.

Henry Kilonzo

Senior Manager, Programmes

Henry is glad to be part of the positive changes being witnessed in the lives of the communities where Safaricom Foundation has been investing. He believes that solutions to development challenges facing our communities are best known to them hence the need to value their participation.

Ida Atieno Juma

Programmes Analyst

Ida believes in creating and adding value to the lives of local communities by offering sustainable solutions. She is happy to be part of a team that is contributing to transforming lives through various sustainable projects.

John Kinoti

Senior Manager, Finance

John is passionate about enhancing quality of lives in communities. He is proud of his role of fulfilling the Foundation’s demands on financials and budget obligations.

Jeff Otieno

Principal Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Jeff is passionate about using data to guide decision making in the Foundation. He is happy when resources reach the right people at the right time, enabling the Foundation to fulfill its mandate of transforming lives.

Eunice Kibathi

Principal Operations Officer

Empowering women and marginalised communities through impactful and sustainable initiatives is what drives Eunice. She is proud of the projects that the Foundation and its partners support especially those around economic empowerment, health and education.

George Gathua


George finds his work fulfilling because it entails more than just accounting. He believes that every role that goes into his work ensures that lives are transformed in the community.

David Mwaniki

Principal Finance Officer

David is enthusiastic about community inclusiveness and enhancing the quality of life of the communities the Foundation operates in. He works towards advancing SDG 10 which advocates for reduced inequalities and disparities in the society.

Together we are making a difference

Safaricom Foundation plays a critical role in supporting Safaricom’s purpose of transforming lives. We like to see ourselves not just as a purely commercial organisation but also one that is purpose driven and committed to serving the communities in which we operate.

Engendering the power of partnerships

Safaricom Foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations in Kenya. It was established in 2003. We aim to transform lives and build communities through funding sustainable projects which leave an impact.

Our impact by numbers

Driven by our purpose, mission and values, this illustration shows how Safaricom Foundation is positively transforming lives. The numbers and percentages are only a glimpse of our story. This report will demonstrate the value of our work and our partnerships to communities, to the environment, and ultimately to Kenya between 2015-2017